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The Preservation of Charleston

Book: The Preservation of Charleston

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Book: The Preservation of Charleston


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The Preservation of Charleston By N. Jane Iseley, Harlan Greene & William P. Baldwin

A beautifully wrought book, introduced by a storytellers’ history of Charleston, full of revealed mythology, glimmers of knowingness, secrets...challenging us today to consider the possibility of rendering our own day-to-day existence with a kind of artistry and con dence that can survive for 300 years.” Whitney Powers

Legacy Publishing is pleased to introduce The Preservation of Charleston, with photography by N. Jane Iseley and text by Harlan Greene and William P. Baldwin. Of cially launching March 17, 2016, at the Historic Charleston Foundation’s annual House & Garden Tour, the 336-page book offers an unsurpassed collection of photographs that restoration expert Richard Marks attests is “a great illustration of the depth and amount of authentic building stock that makes up Charleston and shows these houses in a new light.

Expertly restored exteriors and interior details—including countless mantels (perhaps the star of the book,
the myriad variations)—alive with furnishings, art, porcelain collections, portraits, dogs and cats are captured here as only documentary photographer Iseley and her producer, Boots Michalak, would have access and eye to nd.

The Preservation of Charleston documents the cooperative efforts of the South Carolina city and its citizens. Aedes mores juraque curat: “She guards her buildings, customs and laws” is the enduring motto of Charleston. Fittingly, much has been saved through not just conscientiousness, but in many cases, through binding conservation easement agreements, volunteered by owners eager to ensure the survival of architectural gems. These easements are what inspired Iseley to work for years on this exceptional book, showing how the surprisingly intact fabric of Charleston is unrivaled in this nation, despite the onslaughts of hurricanes and earthquakes, depredations of res and wars, and modern renovation.

How is this so? The accompanying text, provided by the knowledgeable and gifted observers Greene and Baldwin, together with these astonishing photographs, reveal the story of dedication and success. 

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